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If you have a widescreen monitor, we now offer two new sizes to fit your desktop. You will start to see sizes available now in 1440 x 900 and 1680 x 1050 to download for free. You are more than welcome to search our extensive Photo Gallery to find your favorite. If you see a photo that you would like in widescreen format feel free to Contact Us.
Make sure to include the file name.

Need Help
Learn how you can dramatically add life to your photos just by using color filters for your camera. In this tutorial I will explain how to do this. I also explain how color filters can add neat effects with black and white photos too.
  •Color Filters ( How to dramatically add life to your photos )
Shutter speed. How important is it? Well in this tutorial about shutter speed I will explain how important it is. Along with three neat tricks to create some great looking photos. This will be very helpful to all photographers wanting to learn some new things or just to sharpen up on your skills.
  •Shutter Speed ( Using shutter speed for dramatic effects )
In this tutorial I explain how to set your aperture to create the blurred effect you might be looking for in your photo. I also go into detail about how to understand what a large and small aperture are. Along with helpful hints so that you can get the best photo possible when trying to blur your background. We even have some picture examples to help everyone understand. This will help you along your way to becoming a great photographer.
  •Aperture Priority ( How to blur the background in your pictures )
Want to learn how to clean your photos using Adobe Photoshop. We will show you with these steps we have created. We have gone to great details to explain in words and images to help everyone.
  •Cleaning Photos with Adobe Photoshop

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